Funding our initiatives

Restoring our Victorian Street Tree Heritage

Our Victorian Street Tree Heritage campaign was set up in 2012. Each year we work with residents in various parts of the city to progress street tree planting in their area.

To date we have planted between 10 and 40 trees each year. Planting has taken place in York Road/Montepellier Place (2012), Marmion and Stoneham Roads (2013) and Bigwood Avenue (2014). Shakespeare and Coleridge Streets ( 2015) and Portland Road (2018).

We expect this campaign to last for many years – the speed at which we can progress will ultimately depend on donations we receive.

Our Street Tree Angel and Cherub scheme encourages annual contributions towards planting a tree (or half the cost of a tree) and these funds allow us to support local residents to take a scheme forward in their area. One tree costs us £314.

To contribute to our fund please complete the relevant parts of the membership form. or sign up to become a street tree angel or cherub.

Public Sculpture Fund

Our public sculpture campaign aims to promote public sculpture in Hove and to fund public sculpture that has a strong relevance to people living and working in Hove. Our first initiative has been  to install a new sculpture plinth on the Hove seafront for changing exhibitions of sculpture.

The Hove Plinth was unveiled in 2018 together with the first sculpture , Constellation by Jonathan Wright. The society is fundraising for the second sculpture preparing a number of steps to secure ongioing base funding for maintenance and development of the plinth project..

We would like to recruit volunteers with experience in fundraising to help us with the campaign. Please contact if you would like to assist us with this.