Outside pulpit

If you look over the wall at the Holy Trinity Church you can see an outside pulpit, somewhat overgrown and in a state of disrepair. It is not part of the original church, that dates from 1864, while the date on the pulpit is 1912.

Photograph showing the open front of a brick and stone pulpit projecting from the church wallThe pulpit was paid for by a ‘soldier and his wife’, though no one seem to know who the soldier was, but the Bishop of Lewes preached the dedicatory address and it was used on summer evenings until the vicarage was built in 1952.

Unfortunately it is too noisy now for this to continue.

There is no access to the church but it is one of those small landmarks in our part of the city. As Holy Trinity is now on the closure list, support for its retention or for it to be moved might be a good idea, it is also in need of some maintenance.