Shaping the future

The Society tries to influence the way the city develops in a number of ways. We are concerned that the city adapts to the requirements of a low carbon future, without losing its charm and attraction. This is probably one of the greatest challenges ahead. This explains our concern for exploring fully the scope for using the waste heat of Shoreham power station.

We also believe that new development must be fit for purpose and we will be watching and commenting on this. One of our concerns, where we successfully managed to influence the City Plan relates to the size of new private sector dwellings, many of which we consider totally inadequate.

We feel passionate about our environment and strongly support the upkeep of the seafront and its street furniture. We also believe the sea should be made more accessible, as it was in bygone days.

We believe Hove needs more investment in the environment. Our Victorian street tree heritage and public sculpture inititatives try to support that ambition.  

We believe that our conservation areas could be greatly improved and have participated in producing a report on some of the measures that could be taken as part of our work with the Conservation Advisory Group.