Renewables infrastructure

The Renewables Infrastructure Group was formed in November 2010 to lobby proactively for Hove to become more sustainable and less dependent on imported fossil fuel by using energy more efficiently and generating it from renewable sources (sun, wind and tide). We have been  campaigning for the following:

  • A feasibility study on utilising the waste heat from Shoreham power station to keep the radiators hot in the city, which could halve the amount of natural gas used in the city.

  • The implementation of the measures in the Energy Bill, particularly the green deal, and the responsibility of landlords to insulate their properties.

  • A spatial plan for Hove and Brighton for the introduction of renewables:

We have made representations to the Council’s scrutiny committee on energy in 2011/12.

We have worked with city planners to achieve a number of modifications to the City Plan on renewable energy and district heating during 2012 and 2013 and will continue to do so during Part II of the plan.

We have supported renewables projects including Portzed and the two wind turbines on the Shoreham Harbour front.