Street Tree heritage

Studying old pictures of Hove it is remarkable how dense street tree planting was some 120 years ago and how this contrasts with many streets today where trees have been removed either altogether or in parts. One of our campaigns aims to help restore our Victorian street tree heritage.

Sepia photograph of The Drive, looking north from Eaton Road, showing a tree-lined road almost devoid of traffic.

We believe that the City needs its street tree cover for many reasons. Trees provide shade, help regulate the microclimate, provide cover for wildlife etc. In Brighton and Hove we have an added interest because of the large number of varieties of Elms, which have escaped the Elm disease.

Our tree fund will help pay for the planting of trees in our neighbourhoods and we intend to work with the Council and local residents to achieve street tree planting which reflects the age and size of building in very much the same way our Victorian forefathers did.

HCS is very encouraged by the community response we have had and the enthusiasm for local tree planting. We will want to develop this into a continuous scheme and will be looking for fundraising to help planting take place across Hove.

If you wish to donate some funds to our tree fund, we would welcome this. If we can achieve 10-15 annual donations for one tree each then we can have the confidence to start a rolling programme. Currently one street tree planted costs £288, the council then matches this with another tree.  

Please consider donating some funds to our tree fund or become a street tree angel or cherub to help us achieve our planting ambitions. By early 2018 we have been able to fund nearly 100 new street trees in Hove.

If you are interested in becoming involved in this project please contact us at and if you wish to donate funds to the initiative, please click here.

For more information about the history of trees in Hove please click here (external link).