Street Trees update

Latest news:

February 2018: planting of 14 Elms along Portland Road;

November 2016: planting of 18 trees in Coleridge and Shakespeare Streets

Winter 2015: The Bigwood Avenue tree planting began on 24th January 2015. The Deputy Mayor joined us for the start of the plant.

Autumn 2014: The Bigwood Avenue Street Tree fund raising party - we are supporting street tree planting along one side of the road.

Street tree fundraising party

Winter 2013: On the 14th December 2013, the Mayor of Brighton and Hove, Cllr Denise Cobb, planted two street trees in Marmion and Stoneham Roads to celebrate the Street Tree planting scheme in this part of Poets Corner. A total of 40 street trees will be planted in this area as part of the campaign.

Members of HCS with the Mayor at the tree planting ceremony December 2013

The tree species for Marmion Road are Carpinus betulus Fastigiata 'Frans Fontaine' (Hornbeam) and Ulmus carpinifolia Werdei Aurea (yellow foliage) (smooth leaved elm), for Stoneham Road Prunus x hillieri Spire (floowering cherry) which is ideal for this narrow footway planting.

The scheme has been funded by a combination of local fundraising, a contribution by Hove Civic Society based on donations and funds committed by the Society's Street Tree Angels as well as a small grant from the Council. A total of £5,148 was paid to the Council, who undertook the planting.

This map shows the planned locations for the new trees:

map of the proposed tree planting in Poets Corner

Download a larger version of the map here (388KB JPG file)

Hove Civic Society would like to thank the following for making the scheme possible: the local coordinators Karen Hooper and John Pearson in Marmion Road and Beryl Thorne in Stoneham Road; Neil Brothers and his arboricultalist team at Brighton and Hove Council.

The campaign in 2012:

In July 2012 we emphasised the importance of our street tree heritage in our responses to both the draft City Plan and the draft Local Biodiversity Action Plan.

In September we started a survey of all (pre-1919) streets in Hove to allow us to assess where tree planting is needed to help improve our street scenes. We gathered some suggestions where new tree planting should go, and were very pleased that we managed to attract a grant of £2,500 from the Council to add to the funds already received as donations.

Our first community planting took place with a ceremony on the 17th December 2012 in Montpellier Place, attended by the Mayor of Brighton and Hove, Councillor Bill Randall. You can read our press release here (Word, 158KB).

The Mayor and HCS members planting the first tree in Montpellier Place

A total of 12 elms will be planted in the area. In Montpellier Place Ulmus 'Columella' will be planted. It is a species that has proved to be extremely resistant to the European strain of Dutch elm disease. 'Columella' makes a tall, fastigiate tree with very upright branches, but broadens in later years. In York Road Ulmus 'Clusius' will be planted. The tree has a broader crown than its siblings.

An example of an Ulmus Columella tree       An example of an Ullmus Clusius tree

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